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Training with Richo has turned my life around, I have lost 8 kgs and feel the best physically and mentally I have ever felt!

Hutchy  |  Client



Rach -
Rachel Gallagher, Client

I’ve have trained with Richo for three years. Richo has continued to use his knowledge and experience to design Fitness, strength and nutritional programs to help me achieve my goals. His rehabilitation and strength program has helped me avoid having to have surgery after an injury resulting in a ruptured ACL and MCL. I was back running 6 months post injury . I highly recommend Richo as a personal trainer.

Ben -
Ben Hartley, Queensland, Australian Gridiron player.

Anyone considering training under Richo, should stop wasting time and just do it, he’s one of the best! I was privileged to have him as my personal trainer for almost 3 years, he trained me 5-6 sessions per week. He took me from an average athlete to a pro through hard work, focus and dedication. He catered to my needs and his focus to my personal goals was second to none. Richo is highly motivated and gives each of his clients his 100% attention. My success was his success!

Estelle1 -
Estelle De Filippou, Client

“I have had so many PT’s in the past. I never got anywhere, was never happy and never felt pushed to reach my goals. Then I met Richo through a Tabata class he held at EMF. I had never felt so motivated and pushed to my limits by someone and I knew straight away he was the personal trainer for me. Over a year later and I am so happy with my strength and training. Could not recommend someone enough!”

Lauren Thomas, Client

I’ve been training with Richo for the last 9 months, after reluctantly having to change gyms. I’m not very good with change, but the best thing I ever did was ask Richo to train me. He made the transition easy! 

Since October, I’ve PB’d so many times I’ve lost count and that’s all down to this guy! He really takes the time to concentrate on your lifting form, to prevent injury and make you a stronger and better lifter! Not only does Richo train you, he educates you with nutrition, helping you with meal plans and prepping. He really makes working out so much fun! And as much as I moan at him for making my muscles ache for days on end, you know he’s doing it to make you better version of you. If you put in the effort and trust the process, you will see results.  Richo really is the best at what he does, you will never look back, I promise! 

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